Best 5 Virtual Reality Hand Controllers

Virtual reality is a ground-breaking technology that is showing how every industry can benefit from gaining access to the future. Today, virtual reality applications aren’t only related to gaming and entertainment but are also used to help people design, develop, execute, and sell their products and services in various industries.

However, there were always obstacles that made this technology less accessible. One of them was related to VR hand controllers. Some of these controllers were too bulky or too expensive. Others were just difficult to use and made the technology restricted to a few people.

But things have changed, and today there are various high-quality VR hand controllers that allow everyone to use this technology and explore its potential. Keep on reading because we’ll talk about these hand controllers and help you choose the best one.

Virtual Reality in action

The 5 Best Virtual Reality Controllers On the Market

In order to take your virtual reality experience to the next level, investing in the best virtual reality hand controller is no longer an option. Luckily, several companies and manufacturers understood the need for these essential tools and made sure to design high-quality products that cater to the needs of virtual reality enthusiasts.

These hand controllers are designed to make the technology more accessible, whether you’re enjoying a game, want to enjoy an immersive entertainment experience, or simply want to use VR for training or educational purposes. The options are literally unlimited because these VR controllers are designed to work with various mixed reality apps and software programs.

As someone who is interested in this technology, you’ll have several options to choose from based on your budget and overall interests. So, check out our top picks.

HTC Vive Controllers

HTC Vive Controller is one of the best choices for a beginner or someone who wants to explore the world of virtual reality on a budget. Despite its affordable price, it’s precise, thanks to the accurate base station camera that detects every move to deliver the best immersive experience.

Setting up this hand controller is an easy task, even if you’re using the technology for the first time. Before you know it, the camera will be scanning your room and following you, so you won’t have to worry about any cords. In addition, the built-in vibration enhances your experience, so you can really enjoy the world of VR.

Unlike other hand controllers, the HTC Vive controllers are ergonomic and easy to hold. They’re designed to allow easy access to the buttons, so you can have all your focus devoted to the game or app you’re playing. The controllers won’t disappoint you regardless of the game or purpose you choose to use them for.

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Whether you’re a developer or a gamer, these controllers will work for you. However, the lack of a grip button might be a little annoying because you can’t really pick things and throw them. But if this is not something you’re interested in, you’ll definitely love these hand controllers.

HTC Vive Controller

Valve Index Controllers

When these controllers were first released, they generated more hype than the actual headset, and this is not a surprise. As a matter of fact, when compared to other controllers, the Valve Index Controllers are actually some of the best VR hand controllers that you can buy today.

For starters, they fit perfectly in your hands, and they allow for the best immersive tracking, turning your virtual reality game or app into a one-of-a-kind experience, thanks to their high-quality sensors. In addition, the motion sensors capture the motion perfectly, eliminating the chance of errors in your virtual reality.

With overwhelmingly incredible haptics, these controllers will allow you to experience the VR world in a new way. They allow for finger tracking, which is something that some other controllers still have to offer.

But because nothing is perfect, these hand controllers are set up at a price that is only accessible to pros. Moreover, some of the wire connections can be a little inconvenient. Other than that, if you’re ready to pay the hefty price tag, you’ll never regret buying these hand controllers.

Valve Index Controller

Original Rift Touch Controllers

The Oculus Rift Touch Controllers check all the boxes when it comes to choosing reliable and functional VR hand controllers. They have fantastic grip buttons, adequately placed triggers, and easy-to-use joysticks that allow you to use in VR games or apps with no issues whatsoever, even if you’re using the technology for the first time. Moreover, despite being originally priced higher, the company decided to cut down the prices of these controllers to make them even more accessible.

The Oculus Rift Touch Controllers have great sensors but might be a little bit tricky to use if you have previously used other hand controllers in virtual space. It takes some time before you’re able to maneuver these controllers, especially if you’re an avid gamer.

However, since they’re compatible with a rich ecosystem of games and apps, these controllers will be a great choice for someone who wants to explore the world of virtual reality for the first time.

Some users might be put off by the lack of a rechargeable battery, which can make games and VR apps more fun for long hours. At the same time, the room scale needs a little bit of tweaking. But if you’re on a tight budget, these controllers will definitely be perfect for you.

Rift Touch Controllers

Samsung Gear VR Controllers
At a remarkably low price point, Samsung released this VR controller to be part of the whole Gear System that is designed to create a user-friendly experience for those using virtual reality for the first time. This hand controller is designed to be used by one hand and is charged via USB cable to allow you to enjoy your game without worrying about cables or cords.

Exclusive to the Simple Gear VR headset and the company’s smartphones, this controller will be a great choice for a beginner or someone on a budget. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of Gear VR games, but we expect to see them in the future as the company is actively trying to improve its presence in the virtual reality market. However, with the current application, this controller has shown that it delivers what it promises; reliable use in the virtual world.

The controller comes with the VR headset when you buy it. It also features a Bluetooth controller that allows you to access augmented reality as well. It’s an excellent choice for shooting games and can be a practical choice for someone who is trying VR gaming for the first time.

Samsung Gear VR Controller

PSVR Controllers

With the PSVR Controller, Sony didn’t try to invent the wheel but simply managed to upgrade some of the tested and trusted software components it successfully used for motion capturing on PS3 to introduce these functional yet straightforward VR hand controllers.

To be compatible with the entire PSVR platform, these controllers feature a simple design that looks like a wand with a softball on the top. However, don’t let this simple design deceive you because they offer outstanding performance regardless of the game you choose to play in PlayStation’s virtual universe.

While you might be a little disappointed by the lack of a Thumbstick that other virtual reality controllers have, the games on the PSVR platform are perfectly optimized for these controllers and the platform’s headset.

This hand controller is also more affordable than some of the other options on the market. However, the motion tracking can be sometimes spotty, so some errors are expected. Nevertheless, if you’re into VR gaming, this hand controller will do the job the way it should be done.

PSVR Controllers

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